Purple Funk

This cozy, comfy sweater is complements of my grandmother. After asking to borrow it a thousand times, I was thrilled when she finally decided to let me have it. Here it is styled with an oversized vintage velour shirt and Vera Wang velour leggings. The leopard print heels contrast with the purple sweater, adding a little FUNK to this look. This is by far one of the most comfortable outfits in my closet.

Entire outfit THRIFTED

Sweater: Penbrooke Lane

Shirt: Sue Brett

Leggings: VeraWang

Special Thank You to John of LJ Photos


Pink Lady

Fashion in the 50’s was sophisticated and classy, and that’s why I truly admire this era. Vibrant polka dot patterns, flared skirts and over-the-top haird0s were iconic styles that have left their mark in fashion history. This thrifted outfit perfectly captured my 50’s inspiration. I totally adore The Pink Ladies from Grease, and with this assemble I became apart of the crew!

Special Thank you to photographer Stephen Gerrald20140106-182225.jpg




Modern 50’s

I’m a fan of 50’s vintage style. This outfit is my modern twist that classic era.

This skirt is so versatile because I can style it several ways. Here, I paired it with a bright gold shirt and white sandals to give it a summer flare. When the seasons start to change I can wear it with a long-sleeved blouse, tights, and flats.

close up

full body 2        full body 1

sitting 2           sitting 1

special THANK YOU to photographer Tammy Pinkston

photography: www.impressionsphotographyva.com



After years of thrifting, I am now convinced that each garment I buy was destined for me to find. The forces of the Universe have allowed me to be at the right place, at the right time to find all of these one-of-a-kind pieces. This oversized shirt is another garment that was waiting on the rack for me. It fits my figure perfectly!





Photography: Lisa DeNoia

Shirt- Thrift $5

Skirt- Forever21 $10

Sandals- Cato $10