Spotted in BLACK & WHITE

Ahead of the Curve Bloggers is a collective of plus-size bloggers of varying shapes, sizes and styles. Once a month we choose a new fashion theme and show you different interpretations of it on our blogs. This month we are focusing BLACK & WHITE fashion!

Dress: Anyone who loves vintage fashion owns at least one classic polka dot dress. Polka Dots have been a key print in fashion history, remaining trendy throughout the decades. This Lady Carol of New York dress was designed in the 80’s, but I gave it a 40’s look by accessorizing it with a retro headband. Check out this Pictorial History of Polka Dots.

Headband: I bought this David & Young headband at a local beauty supply store for $8. You can find similar styles HERE.


Earrings: $1 Thrift Find!

Shoes: Recently while cleaning out my closet I re-discovered these retro heels. I bought them three years ago at Goodwill in Suffolk, Va brand new with tags attached. The original CATO Fashions price was $29.99 and I purchased them for $10. What a steal!

Here are a few designs by Lady Carol of New York

Vintage 1970s Hot Pink Dress by Lady Carol of New York

1980 vintage LADY CAROL blazer

Black and White print vintage dress

We are a collective of plus size bloggers coming together to post on the same subject. This month we are sharing our take on “The World of Black & White” so check them out by clicking on each link:

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