Ugly Sweater Affair

Now that the Thanksgiving feast is over and the Black Friday ciaos had died down, it’s officially time to  begin celebrating the Christmas season. What better way to start off this month’s festivities than with a UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER! Love it or hate it, Ugly Christmas Sweaters have become a trending phenomena during the holidays. This is my first year purchasing one, but I plan to make this a family tradition that I can enjoy every year.  Join me for a fun holiday tradition and post pics in your wacky, tacky sweaters! To participate use hashtag (#UglySweaterAffair) on Instagram or FaceBook.

Here are some Ugly Christmas Sweaters you can find on Etsy

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Houndstooth Blazer

Ahead of the Curve Bloggers is a collective of plus-size bloggers of varying shapes, sizes and styles. Once a month we choose a new fashion theme and show you different interpretations of it on our blogs. This month we are styling Tartan, Tweed, and Houndstooth .

This is a 80’s houndstooth blazer that I actually blogged about a few months ago. I love the double breast buttons and oversized shoulder pads! This is a piece I’ll never get tired of wearing because the print is so versatile and there are many ways to style it.

Below are some Houndstooth & Plaid inspiration

Vintage Houndstooth Looks

Vintage Houndstooth Looks


Vintage Plaid Looks

Vintage Plaid Looks


Modern Mix of Plaid & Houndstooth

Modern Mix of Plaid & Houndstooth

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Tartan, Tweed, Houndstooth Collage

Iconic Inspiration: M.I.A


This look is inspired by artist M.I.A.. I’ve been a fan of both her music and style for many years now. In her latest video “Double Bubble Trouble” she wears an alphabet-print Moschino (circa 1990s) jacket and pants, paired with bright orange socks. I found a top that resembles the same print and paired black skinny pants, a studded fringe bag, and silver oxfords.

360 Vintage Designs, Virginia Beach

ATTENTION ALL VINTAGE LOVERS If you’re in the Hampton Roads area I highly recommend you stop by 360 Vintage Designs in Virginia Beach. I discovered this gem last weekend after finding their info on Facebook. This boutique has the largest authentic vintage collection in the area, with selections for both men and women. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind clothing, shoes and accessories ranging through all decades 360 Vintage Designs has it all! It pretty much covers everything my heart desires from a vintage shop: sequin dresses, cozy sweaters, big hats, statement jewelry, fanny packs, EVERYTHING!  Along with the amazing selection and affordable prices, I also enjoyed the shopping experience. As I browsed through the racks old jazz music played from an antique radio, giving me the ultimate nostalgic feeling. The owner, Tracey Langford, was very friendly and helpful. She directed me towards the plus size section and pulled some of her favorite pieces. Tracey also gave me a quick preview of a few items that were going on the sales floor soon. 360 Vintage Designs is by far the best vintage shop in town, its worth a visit. Tell a friend, bring a friend.

360 Vintage Designs Owner, Tracey Langford

360 Vintage Designs Owner, Tracey Langford


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Get Ready for Fall Fashion

Fall is right around the corner and now is the time to update your wardrobe! Seasons are changing and the days will grow cooler soon. Before you start shopping for new clothes, a summer-to-fall closest change over is necessary. Raid your closet and pack away all things summer. This also the perfect time to purge old clothes that have been collecting dust. If you a haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it! Don’t try it on, don’t think twice, just toss it in a bag and drop it off at the nearest thrift store.

Now that you have space in your closet for new fabulous fall fashion, the next step is to create a shopping list. If you’re on a budget, this is the best way to stay on target and spend wisely. First list the must-have pieces that you will NEED, such as sweaters, scarves, leggings and boots. These are the items to focus on buying first. Then list items you want to splurge on, such as that irresistible leather skirt or those funky platform heels. If you’re behind on the latest trends get inspiration from your favorite blogs and magazines.

The hard work is out of the way, now it’s time to have fun and SHOP! Transitioning to the next season can be costly, but there are a few ways to cut corners and save money. You can find basics such as scarves, sweaters and denim in thrift stores for a fraction of the amount you would spend in an expensive department store. Also, when shopping in thrift stores you are more likely you find unique, one-of-kind pieces. Ross, TJ Max and Marshall’s are also great stores with massive discounts and the latest trends. Fall is all bout layers so rack up on pieces that are easy to mix and match to help you create multiple looks. Even though the temperature will be cooling down, you can still look HOT!


Birthday Suit

This month the Ahead of the Curve Bloggers topic is Bare for Summer, so I decided to show off my BIRTHDAY SUIT! On July 6th I turned 23, and celebrated with a weekend of festivities including a trip to the beach. I wore a vintage Sea Waves bathing suit and pink clubmaster sunglasses, both ordered from eBay for less than $20. This bathing suit is flattering, super comfy, and I didn’t have to keep adjusting it all day. This allowed me to enjoy my beach day to the fullest. I didn’t get in the water, but I walked along the shore and sun bathed for few hours. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off my birthday weekend!



Here are some plus size vintage bathing suits I found on Etsy:

(click photo to view seller’s website)

1960's Pin Up Bullet Cup Swimsuit by Maxine of Hollywood

1960’s Pin Up Bullet Cup Swimsuit by Maxine of Hollywood

Vintage Maxine of Hollywood Purple Neon Green 1950s Bathing Swim Suit

Vintage Maxine of Hollywood Purple Neon Green 1950s Bathing Swim Suit

1980s  Geometric Print Bathing Suit

1980s Geometric Print Bathing Suit

Vintage 60's Pink Rose Print Swimsuit

Vintage 60’s Pink Rose Print Swimsuit


Sea Queen Vintage 80s Swimsuit

Sea Queen Vintage 80s Swimsuit

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