Back to the 90s

Ahead of the Curve Bloggers is a collective of plus-size bloggers of varying shapes, sizes and styles. Once a month we choose a new fashion theme and show you different interpretations of it on our blogs. This month’s topic is “Back to School”.

My Back to School look is inspired by of one of the most popular sitcoms of the 90’s, “Saved by the Bell”. This hit show took place at fictional Bayside High School in California, and touched on important issues concerning the youth of our nation. The stars of the show were Zack (the heart throb) A.C. Slater (the jock) , Kelly (the popular cheerleader), Lisa (the gossiping fashionista), Screech(the nerd), & Jessie (the brainy feminist). Together these teenagers have made their mark in history as 90s pop icons.

The leading ladies of Saved by the Bell  had distinctively different personalities and style, but they all captured memorable fashions of the early 90s. Kelly Kapowski’s enviable collection of crop tops, Lisa Turtle’s knack for color-blocking, and Jessie Spano’s impeccable hair accessories are just a few of the fashion staples featured on the show.


Here’s my Saved by the Bell inspired look. Bright colors and bold prints dominated early 90’s fashion, and this Leslie Fay graffiti print top embodies that era. I paired it with a purple skirt, club master sunglasses, and pink earrings. Now I’m all geared up to hang out with the gang at “The Max” (in my dreams

Click on the pic below to see how my fellow bloggers from Ahead of the Curve styled their back to school looks!

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Get Ready for Fall Fashion

Fall is right around the corner and now is the time to update your wardrobe! Seasons are changing and the days will grow cooler soon. Before you start shopping for new clothes, a summer-to-fall closest change over is necessary. Raid your closet and pack away all things summer. This also the perfect time to purge old clothes that have been collecting dust. If you a haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it! Don’t try it on, don’t think twice, just toss it in a bag and drop it off at the nearest thrift store.

Now that you have space in your closet for new fabulous fall fashion, the next step is to create a shopping list. If you’re on a budget, this is the best way to stay on target and spend wisely. First list the must-have pieces that you will NEED, such as sweaters, scarves, leggings and boots. These are the items to focus on buying first. Then list items you want to splurge on, such as that irresistible leather skirt or those funky platform heels. If you’re behind on the latest trends get inspiration from your favorite blogs and magazines.

The hard work is out of the way, now it’s time to have fun and SHOP! Transitioning to the next season can be costly, but there are a few ways to cut corners and save money. You can find basics such as scarves, sweaters and denim in thrift stores for a fraction of the amount you would spend in an expensive department store. Also, when shopping in thrift stores you are more likely you find unique, one-of-kind pieces. Ross, TJ Max and Marshall’s are also great stores with massive discounts and the latest trends. Fall is all bout layers so rack up on pieces that are easy to mix and match to help you create multiple looks. Even though the temperature will be cooling down, you can still look HOT!


Pretty Thrifty: Thrift Store USA

I’m super thrilled to announce that my 2nd “Pretty Thrifty” event will be held at Thrift Store USA! I shop here every weekend, and I’m never disappointed. This store has a huge selection of clothing, accessories, housewares, furniture & much much more! Come out and join us for an afternoon of fun festivities. We have a few activities planned including a Scavenger Hunt & Celebrity Style Capture with cool prizes up for grabs. If you attended the last event in May, don’t forget your Young & Thrifted reusable tote. Here’s a RECAP of my last event at Best Thrift in Norfolk, VA. “Pretty Thrifty” at Thrift Store USA will be even better! I look forward to seeing you there! If you would like additional info contact me at

Birthday Suit

This month the Ahead of the Curve Bloggers topic is Bare for Summer, so I decided to show off my BIRTHDAY SUIT! On July 6th I turned 23, and celebrated with a weekend of festivities including a trip to the beach. I wore a vintage Sea Waves bathing suit and pink clubmaster sunglasses, both ordered from eBay for less than $20. This bathing suit is flattering, super comfy, and I didn’t have to keep adjusting it all day. This allowed me to enjoy my beach day to the fullest. I didn’t get in the water, but I walked along the shore and sun bathed for few hours. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off my birthday weekend!



Here are some plus size vintage bathing suits I found on Etsy:

(click photo to view seller’s website)

1960's Pin Up Bullet Cup Swimsuit by Maxine of Hollywood

1960’s Pin Up Bullet Cup Swimsuit by Maxine of Hollywood

Vintage Maxine of Hollywood Purple Neon Green 1950s Bathing Swim Suit

Vintage Maxine of Hollywood Purple Neon Green 1950s Bathing Swim Suit

1980s  Geometric Print Bathing Suit

1980s Geometric Print Bathing Suit

Vintage 60's Pink Rose Print Swimsuit

Vintage 60’s Pink Rose Print Swimsuit


Sea Queen Vintage 80s Swimsuit

Sea Queen Vintage 80s Swimsuit

Don’t stop here! Check out all the chic, smart ways other bloggers from AHEAD OF THE CURVE styled their Bare for Summer looks.

Friday Fashion Flashback! – Farrah Fawcett

Talented actress Farrah Fawcett was best known for her role in the 70s TV series Charlie’s Angels. Her blonde feathered hair, fresh face and beautiful smile were captivating.  She reached pop icon status in 1976 after posing in a red one piece bathing suit for a Cleveland poster company. This poster has sold over 12 million copies worldwide to date. Farrah’s iconic style truly defined 70s fashion, wearing looks with bold colors, bell bottoms and rompers. Here are some of my favorite looks