Iconic Inspiration: M.I.A


This look is inspired by artist M.I.A.. I’ve been a fan of both her music and style for many years now. In her latest video “Double Bubble Trouble” she wears an alphabet-print Moschino (circa 1990s) jacket and pants, paired with bright orange socks. I found a top that resembles the same print and paired black skinny pants, a studded fringe bag, and silver oxfords.


Pretty Thrifty: Thrift Store USA

I’m super thrilled to announce that my 2nd “Pretty Thrifty” event will be held at Thrift Store USA! I shop here every weekend, and I’m never disappointed. This store has a huge selection of clothing, accessories, housewares, furniture & much much more! Come out and join us for an afternoon of fun festivities. We have a few activities planned including a Scavenger Hunt & Celebrity Style Capture with cool prizes up for grabs. If you attended the last event in May, don’t forget your Young & Thrifted reusable tote. Here’s a RECAP of my last event at Best Thrift in Norfolk, VA. “Pretty Thrifty” at Thrift Store USA will be even better! I look forward to seeing you there! If you would like additional info contact me at youngandthrifted@gmail.com

Bold & Bright

Blazer- $6   Salvation Army, Virginia Beach

Dress- $5    DAV Thrift, Virginia Beach

Earrings – $1

Belt- $4   DAV Thrift, Virginia Beach

Purse- $6   Salvation Army, Virginia Beach

This vintage Willow Ridge blazer is by far one of the most unique pieces in my closet. I decided to play up the bright colors by pairing it with a fuschia dress & purple belt. I’m sure you can see me from a mile away! LoL

Flower Power!

Ahead of the Curve Bloggers

Ahead of the Curve Bloggers is a collective of plus-size bloggers of varying shapes, sizes and styles. Once a month we choose a new fashion theme and show you different interpretations of it on our blogs. This month we are having a GARDEN PARTY!




Dress – $5   Family Thrift Center, Virginia Beach

Sheer Vest – $6   Thrift USA, Norfolk

Bracelets – $4   Thrift USA, Norfolk

Shoes & Headband – Closet

Floral prints were initially popular during the 60s hippie movement, and now this trend has been rejuvenated by a new generation. Flower Power may seem so cliché now, but hippies viewed flowers as a representation of peace &  love, and also natural beauty. I created a 60s inspired look by pairing a bright gold dress with a sheer floral vest. This outfit is very free-flowing and comfortable, costing me less than $15!

Check out Ahead of the Curve Bloggers “Garden Party” by clicking the pic below

Ahead of the Curve Bloggers

Iconic Inspiration: Whitley Gilbert


A Different World captured the hearts of millions of viewers in the late 80s & early 90s. The hit sitcom was centered around college students, capturing the popular fashions of its time. Each character had their own unique style, and my favorite was Whitley Gilbert. She was the prissy southern belle with a sophisticated sense of fashion. She definitely enjoyed the luxuries of life with looks including pieces from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin and Neiman Marcus. My Whitley-inspired look is simple and classy, and I’m sure she would be proud!

I was inspired to feature this look by Thirsty 4 Vintage , a band of vintage collectors. They are hosting ” A Different World” in Augusta, GA. So I decided to show them some from love Virginia Beach!

Tribal Trend

Tribal trends are in! African-inspired textiles have taken the fashion world by storm. This exotic style is usually paired with warm tones and rich accessories. Eye-catching, bold prints are fun to wear, and easy to style several ways!



full body 1

Blazer- Intriguing Threads $2, DAV Thrift Store, Virginia Beach

Shirt- Closet

Shorts- Venezia Jeans, $5, Thrift USA, Norfolk

Shoes- CATO Fashions, $10, Family Thrift Center, Virginia Beach

Necklace- $8, Thrift USA, Norfolk

Earrings- $1, Yard Sale Shop, Virginia Beach

Here are some cool Tribal Print Blazers

80s Oversize Southwestern Print Blazer

70s Tribal Print Blazer

Ethnic Blazer